Simon says go*stretch or get stretched!

Do you have soreness and tightness after your workouts? Or do you experience aches and pains that keep you from doing the things you enjoy, such as exercising, sleeping, cooking, or baking?

In a world.....

In a world where so many people are conscience about how often they exercise, what diets they are participating in, and what's the latest fitness challenge, not too many people place attention to the area of recovery, or proactive injury prevention.

A common, but effective recovery and injury prevention tool is #STRETCHING.

"Yes," you read that right! #STRETCHING!

According to the Harvard Medical School, stretching keeps the muscles

  • flexible

  • strong

  • healthy

You may ask yourself, "why are my muscles always feeling tight?" , or why can't I have that desired range of motion?

Simply-put it's the lack of stretching which overtime will increase your risk for joint pain, strains and muscle damage.

You're probably telling yourself--- "Great!" "I'm going to stretch every day now!"

But then that small little voice in your head says "Wait!"

I can't even touch my toes.

No Worries....

No worries--- Remember? Simon said to go*stretch or get stretched!

The act of getting stretched is formally called assisted stretching, and that's what go*stretch specializes in.

go*stretch is a 1 on 1 assisted stretching business that focuses on injury prevention, muscle and body recovery, and pure relaxation.

What's it like? "You ask!"

Imagine lying on the table, and simply relaxing while having one of our stretch therapist perform body movements that will stretch out muscles you've probably never known you've had, while using our go*easy stretch method™.

What's the go*easy stretch method™? ------ Pain-free stretches that will allow you to have a better quality of life!

If you are interested in trying our go*easy stretch method or want to learn more about go*stretch, reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram @go.stretch or check out our videos on

About our Founder

Mikiela Nelson, known to most as Mikki, has a vast array of experience in the health and wellness industry.

Mikki began her journey officially, following graduation from Towson University with a B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. Following graduation at Towson University in 2008, she was accepted into the highly competitive Physical Therapy program at Marymount University. Marymount is where she gained her passion and experience of how to effectively achieve growth in her patients, both physically and mentally. In 2012, Mikki graduated from Marymount University with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree which earned her the affectionate name, Dr. Mikki.

Throughout her career as a Physical Therapist, she has worked in a wide variety of settings such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities. Here is where she gained her experience with the pediatric, neurological, athletic and geriatric populations.

Throughout her career, Mikki gained the experience which fed her passion to start her business go*stretch. go*stretch is an assisted 1 on 1 stretching company that specializes in the prevention of injuries, the enhancement of flexibility and gains in overall health and wellbeing. Mikki services anyone from the child athlete, the 9-5 worker, or the senior who has limited movement. Her passion to help people and show her daughters how to be an asset to the community is what drives her.

Mikki is a wife of 7 years and a mother to two beautiful girls, Madison (5) and Kennedy (2). When not working, Mikki is sure to be seen with at least one of her daughters on her heels, as they don't let her stray too far away.

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